Commercial Cleaning

Research has shown that businesses that switch to green cleaning have measurable financial gains due to employee health, productivity and retention.

Cleaning the Desk
Cleaning Tables
What we do
  • Empty trash and recycle bins and put clean plastic trash bag. (Client supplies bags.)

  • Clean the kitchen, including the inside of the microwave.

  • Vacuum and wash floors.

  • Remove spider webs from ceilings and walls.

  • Polish wood furnishings, including side and front of desks.

  • Dust the outside of filing cabinets, fax machines and printers.

  • Dust cubicles.

  • Clean restrooms.

  • Fill soap dispensers. (Client supplies soap.)

  • Replace toilet paper and paper towels. (Client supplies.)

  • Clean interior windows.

  • Spot clean walls, window sills and door frames.


Green Cleaning of Newburyport provides the cleaning supplies and HEPA vacuum. If your business requires a particular cleaning product be used, then we ask that you supply.